Trainee Spotlight – Meghan

Hi Meghan, can you please tell me a little about your journey doing Law through university?


My journey studying Law throughout university was definitely a whirlwind. It was a challenging five years but highly rewarding. The degree is extremely interesting and the fact that Law is an area that continuously changes and always keeps you on your toes! It was certainly hard work and stressful at times, especially having to complete my Dissertation online due to Covid-19. However, studying Law never left me bored, I was constantly learning something new and dealing with a variety of cases and situations. My journey also allowed me to strengthen a multitude of skills from; organisation and time management to team working. The whole experience made me more passionate about studying and taught me how important studying Law in practice was.


That’s great, how did you find searching for a Traineeship after university?


Following five years of hard work it was not an easy task to find a Traineeship. One of the main reasons it was so difficult was because the number of students graduating from Law kept increasing, making it extremely competitive. However, I would say that the experience helped me learn never to give up on something I wanted and to be patient during difficult times because you will get to the place you should be in the end! I also want to stress that it is crucial to stick to searching for a Traineeship in an area you are genuinely interested in to make sure you enjoy it, as you do not want to settle.


This leads us to finding the Traineeship at Fulton’s Solicitors, can you tell me a bit about that?


I could not be happier about finding a Traineeship at Fulton’s Solicitors, it really did prove that I just had to persevere, keep trying, and remain patient to find exactly what I was looking for. My position and experience at Fulton’s Solicitors so far has been invaluable. I am meeting different challenges and learning something new every single day. I am extremely grateful, especially to Nicola, Katie, Chelsea, and Eilidh for training me and always promoting that ‘No question is a silly question!’. From Day One, everyone has made me feel comfortable and welcome, it’s great to come to work and be in such a friendly environment, working with such kind, helpful and motivating people.


That sounds lovely, can you tell us more about the work you have been doing?


My experience so far has been fantastic, I have already been allowed to prepare drafts of Wills, Powers of Attorney, Deeds of Assumption, and make many phone calls. This has boosted my confidence immensely and has been the best way to learn as I always receive detailed feedback and tips to implement next time. I cannot wait to see what my future holds as I develop and learn more at Fulton’s Solicitors!


Lastly, what would you say has been the most rewarding moment in your journey so far?


I would say graduating from my Undergraduate Degree and Diploma while making my mum and dad proud has been great! It was also very rewarding receiving the phone call to say I was chosen for the traineeship at Fulton’s Solicitors, it was such an emotional moment, and it made me feel that all of my hard work and dedication had paid off. I was eagerly looking forward to putting everything I learned to use and was passionate about growing my career.

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