Although the name changes, things remain the same. Our Mr Fulton has been a solicitor practicing in Mount Florida, Glasgow, since 1978 and in Clarkston since 1990. He became a partner in the firm of Hamilton Burns & Moore in 1978 and then a partner in HBM Sayers when Hamilton Burns & Moore and Cochran Sayers & Cook merged in 1995. He has as a partner in HBM Sayers continued to build up a loyal and established client base in Glasgow, particularly in the southside.

In 2013, the firm of HBM Sayers decided that it would no longer provide private client services and focus instead on insurance business. As a result, the former private client department of HBM Sayers has in effect become the new firm of Fulton’s.

New, but experienced, the practice has a strong client base developed over the years by providing a friendly, efficient, cost effective and informative service and by tailoring the service to meet the specific requirements of each client.